Picking Up Women - Positive Body Language

Published: 07th September 2009
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With the confidence and the correct approach it won't really matter if she is interested in you or not, you can always fix that. But, some guys just can't read the signs that are often clear as a bell, if you know what to look for.

I am a watcher. A watcher of people and the way they move, the way they interact with people. It's a lot of fun to watch the exchanges in a bar between a man and a woman. With the little tell tale body language signs below you can watch as I do and know if the guy has a shot or not.


• Huge radiant smiles with her teeth on display

• Lip biting or if she lets you see her tongue, licking of the lips or touching the front teeth

• Wetting her lips, either upper or lower it doesn't matter

• This may sound odd but if she puts her fingernail between her teeth

• Thrusting her breasts and lips forward


• Gazing deep into your eyes with dilated pupils

• An eyebrow raise for a few seconds followed by a smile with eye contact

• Winking. Either while talking with you or from a distance

• Blinking more often than usual and flittering her eyelashes

• Raising and then lowering her eyebrows followed by a smile


• Brushing her fingers through her hair

• While looking at you, she twirls her hair around her finger

• Tossing her hair back off of her shoulders


• A little more than normal leg exposure

• If she adjust her clothing to make sure she looks perfect


• She dances in her seat while making eye contact

• You notice while sitting up that her muscles appear to be firm

• If she sits with her legs open

• Exposing some thigh while sitting with her legs crossed


• An exposed palm of her hand facing you

• Resting an elbow in the palm of her hand while talking to you and holder out the other hand palm facing up

• Rubbing her wrists up and down

• While sitting, if she has one hand touching on of her breasts

• If she touches her cheek or rubs her chin

• Her hands are busily playing with items on the table or in her hand

• Stroking and pulling on her necklace if she is wearing one

• If she touches you while speaking

• As you pass by her she pretends to look at her watch


• Raising or lowering her voice volume to match your own

• Slowing down or speeding up her speaking to match your own

• Laughing when you are laughing

• While in a crowd she only has her eyes on you and disregards the rest of the room

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